3rd District Commissioners
The County of Santa Barbara encourages residents to participate in and serve on local regulatory and advisory boards. Hundreds of citizen volunteers constitute approximately 70 boards, commissions and committees. These deliberative bodies assist the County Board of Supervisors in the development of critical policies that impact our quality of life in a myriad of ways including health and human services, land use, parks, public facilities and public safety to name a few.  Below is a list of 3rd District board and commission appointees. If you're interested in learning more or serving on a board or commission, please visit the County Clerk of the Board's website.

Agricultural Advisory Committee

  • Sharyne Merritt

Air Pollution Control District Community Advisory Council

  • Janet Blevins

Arts Commission

  • Stacey Otte-Demangate
  • Kim Yasuda
  • Karen Evangelista

Assessment Appeals Board No. 1

  • Clare Macdonald

Assessment Appeals Board No. 2

  • Robert Coe

Behavioral Wellness Commission

  • Rev. Mary Moreno Richardson
  • Tom Franklin
  • Bill Cirone

Board of Architectural Review Central County (CBAR)

  • C. Puck Erickson-Lohnas
  • Bethany Clough
  • Greg Donovan
  • Robin Brady
  • Brett Marchi
  • Lowell Lash – alternate
  • Alternate position VACANCY

Board of Architectural Review North County (NBAR)

  • Michael Maglinte

Board of Architectural Review South County (SBAR)

  • John Vritak
  • Douglas Keep

Civil Service Commission

  • Jean Morris

Commission for Women

  • Marianne Partridge
  • Liliana Cardenas
  • Karen Steinwachs

County Riding and Hiking Trails Advisory Committee

  • Fair Deeter
  • Michael Hecker
  • Cary Losson

Fish and Wildlife Commission

  • Molly Morrison

Guadalupe Cemetery District Board of Trustees

  • Sal Reynoso
  • John Velasquez
  • Lorenzo Perez
  • Earleen Raguz
  • Albert Nunez

Historic Landmarks Advisory Commission

  • J. Lansing Duncan
  • Jessica Tade

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

  • Henry Mercado

Human Services Commission

  • Ann Glasgow
  • Joan Fairfield
  • Laura Romano

Library Advisory Committee

  • Judith Dale

Los Alamos Cemetery District Board of Directors

  • James Gill
  • Charles Gonzales
  • Peter Kopcrak

Los Alamos Planning Advisory Committee

  • Carole Bloom
  • Seth Steiner
  • Forest Starr
  • Susan deWit
  • Carolyn Morthole
  • Michael Fordyce
  • Christopher Wrather

Oak Hill Cemetery District Board of Directors

  • Richard Christensen
  • Allan Jones
  • Arthur Knight

Park Commission

  • Frances Romero

Planning Commission

  • John Parke

Veterans Services Advisory Committee

  • Alvin Salge

Supervisor Hartmann's Appointments, Boards, and Commissions

In addition to her service as a Supervisor, Joan represents the 3rd District and the County of Santa Barbara on the following boards and commissions:

  • Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG), Chair
    • SBCAG North County Subregional Planning Committee
    • SBCAG South County Subregional Planning Committee
  • Air Pollution Control District (APCD)
  • CenCal Health Board
  • Community Action Commission (CAC) alternate
  • First Five Children and Families Commission alternate
  • Legislative Program Committee
  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
  • Law Library Board of Trustees
  • K.I.D.S. Policy Network, Chair
  • Adult & Aging Network
  • Beach Erosion Authority for Control Operations and Nourishment (BEACON) alternate