Project Title:Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Ordinance Amendments
Case Number: 20ORD-00000-00001, -00002, -00003                              
Project Location:Countywide Program
Assigned Staff and Division:

Jessi Steele, Long Range Planning Division



On October 9, 2019, Governor Newsom approved Assembly Bill (AB) 68, AB 881, and Senate Bill (SB) 13.  These bills collectively amended State accessory dwelling unit (ADU) law (Government Code section 65852.2) and junior ADU (JADU) law (Government Code section 65852.22).  The bills went into effect on January 1, 2020, at which time the County's Inland Area ADU ordinances (i.e., County Land Use and Development Code [LUDC] section 35.42.015 and Montecito LUDC [MLUDC] section 35.442.15) became null and void due to noncompliance with State law.  Until the County adopts new ADU ordinances, the County will process Inland Area ADU and JADU permit applications pursuant to State law.  The County's Coastal Zone ADU ordinance (Article II Coastal Zoning Ordinance [CZO] section 35-142) shall remain in effect until the California Coastal Commission certifies the County's new ADU ordinance.   

The County has implemented a streamlined, interim process for ADUs and JADUs.  This process will remain in effect until the County adopts new ADU ordinances.   ADUs and JADUs now require building permits only (no planning permits or Exemptions).  Please click here for a list of application submittal materials and information about the new ADU/JADU permit process.   


The County's Long-Range Planning Division is preparing amendments to the CZO (Case No. 20ORD-00000-00001), LUDC (Case No. 20ORD-00000-00002), and MLUDC (Case No. 20ORD-00000-00003) in response to revisions to GC § 65852.2 and 65852.22 regarding the permitting and regulating of ADUs and JADUs, respectively.  Staff is also preparing amendments to the Santa Barbara County Uniform Rules for Agricultural Preserves and Farmland Security Zones (Uniform Rules) to allow ADUs and JADUs on lands subject to agricultural preserve contracts.

Staff expects to complete the ADU ordinance amendments and present them to decision-makers in summer 2020.  Please see the Timeline, below, for information regarding public hearings.     


No public hearings are scheduled at this time.


For ADU and JADU permit processing documents, including lists of ADU and JADU development standards please click here.

For applicable State and local ADU/JADU regulations, please see the following:  (See Section 1.5 of GC § 65852.2 for cumulative changes from all three ADU bills.)

Additional Information

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