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Adopt-a-Poll Program

The Elections Division provides an opportunity for nonprofit groups to staff a precinct board or Polling Place and earn money for their organization. Santa Barbara County Elections currently works with several service organizations whose members donate their time on Election Day to work at a Polling Place and process voters. The money is then paid directly to the organization.

The level of commitment for an individual organization depends on the number of members. It is the organization's responsibility to fill each position and to inform their workers their wages are to be donated. The organization is required to give the names of the workers to the Santa Barbara County Elections approximately one month prior to Election Day.

For new Adopt-a-Poll organizations, volunteers will be assigned to work at various polling places throughout the area for their first election. Once the volunteers are experienced, they can be assigned to work together at the same facility for subsequent elections.

Overview of Positions

Polling Place Coordinator

Each Polling Place has a coordinator who is responsible for making arrangements with the facility, setting up, collecting and tallying all of the ballots throughout Election Day and then completing closing procedures.

Polling Place Coordinators must attend a 2 hour training and must pick up and return supplies.


Each precinct at the Polling Place will need to be staffed with an Inspector, which is the lead position at the precinct table. The Inspectors and Polling Place Coordinator must be committed to working the entire day to ensure a smooth process for voters.

Inspectors must attend two 2 hour training classes, and must pick up and return supplies.


Each precinct must also have three Clerks at all times to work at the precinct table; however, the Clerks are allowed to work in half or full day shifts.

Clerks must attend a 2 hour training.

Traffic Clerk

Traffic Clerks work at Polling Places with two or more precincts or in our busier areas to help direct voters to the correct precinct table and assist voters who request Curbside Voting.

Traffic Clerks must attend a 2 hour training.

Pay and Qualifications

Organizations staffing a single precinct Polling Place (5 positions) can earn $1,020.00. Organizations staffing a two precinct Polling Place (10 positions) can earn $1,980.00. Some elections may require additional positions and therefore the organization will earn an additional amount based off of the additional positions required at that Polling Place.

Qualifications for volunteers

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age by Election Day.
  2. Must be a United States citizen at the time of the election for which he/she is serving as a member of the precinct board OR must be lawfully admitted for permanent residence within the United States.
  3. Must be registered to vote in California.
  4. Must not be on parole for a felony.
  5. Must be available to attend a mandatory training class approximately two weeks prior to Election Day. See Overview of Positions for length of training classes.


If your organization is interested in our Adopt-a-Poll Program, please click the link below and complete the application.

Adopt-a-Poll Program Application