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Minutes for the Years 1907–1977

From September 3, 1907 to April 4, 1977, the minutes of the Board were documented with a typewriter. Over 107,000 pages were produced during this 70-year span. The pages then bound into over 150 hard-cover books, with each book typically 500-800 pages in length.


Books were labeled alphabetically A – Z from the inception of the County through 1928. Afterwards, they were labled numerically, starting with book #1 in 1928 and running through #158 in 1977. In that year the County switched to microfilm and a different indexing system was used.

There are multiple ways to search this archive. You may by year (you may also select a range of years), or by searching for a specific keyword. Please note that with over 107,000 pages in this era, so your search may return a large number of results. Please contact the Clerk of the Board should you have any questions or require assistance.

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