Trail Closure

Some Santa Barbara County trails are closed to the public through at least September 17, 2021. The purpose of the closure is to reduce fire danger and conserve our statewide public safety resources. This is consistent with US Forest Service Order No. 21-07.

Closed County trails include Arroyo Quemado Trail (Baron Ranch), Live Oak Trails, Romero Canyon, San Ysidro, Hot Springs, Wiman, Buena Vista, Cold Springs, Franklin Trail and any connector trails adjacent to the National Forest.

We will work closely with our partner agencies and trail groups to continue to assess the situation and will open these trails as soon as we can. In the meantime, thank you and please take the chance to visit our other open trails or go to the beach. See you soon!


For more information, please visit the Los Padres National Forest website.

Front Country Trails

The City of Santa Barbara, County of Santa Barbara, and the Los Padres National Forest share jurisdictional oversight of  Santa Barbara's Front Country Trails (FCT). Ongoing and newly identified multi-use issues on the FCT continue to be a source of concern for the 3 agencies who are involved with the trail management and trail-users, as well as maintenance, management, planning and governance issues. The primary purpose of the Task Force is to develop recommendations which should be considered by the three jurisdictions in order to foster responsible, cohesive and comprehensive management of the Front Country Trails for the greater good of the community. Additionally, the Task Force will provide a public forum to solicit and gather input from the public, trails users, property owners, community organizations and interest groups.