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Online Licensing

You can renew a license or purchase a new license online by using your
MasterCard or VISA.

To renew it will be helpful to have your renewal notice and updated rabies certificate. For a new license, or a renewal when the rabies vaccination has expired a current rabies vaccination certificate is required; it may be uploaded during the online process, faxed, emailed, or sent by mail.  If your pet's vaccination is about to expire, have it vaccinated prior to applying for a license. Please click  here  to view our Online Licensing Frequently Asked Questions.

City of Lompoc residents owning unaltered dogs will need to submit this form:
City of Lompoc Exemption

Where can you get information on how to purchase a City Animal License
if you are a resident of the City of Carpinteria or Santa Barbara?

City of Santa Barbara residents- go to

City of Carpinteria residents- go to

What does a license for my pet cost?

License Fees 6 mos. 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr
*unaltered $45 $80 $140 $200
altered $13 $25 $48 $74
**senior unaltered $32 $49  $80 $116
senior altered $11 $22 $35 $52
*unaltered cat   $80
**senior unaltered   $43
Late Penalty
Unaltered $35  
Altered $17      

Optional Cat License - Altered - 3 years or term of rabies vaccination $17.00

* Requires signed Veterinary Certificate in Unincorporated County, City of Solvang, City of Buellton.

** Senior discount applies to persons 65 years or over

  • Unaltered Animal Licenses in the unincorporated County, the City of Buellton, the City of Guadalupe, the City of Goleta, and the City of Solvang require a Veterinary Certificate.
  • The City of Lompoc requires all dogs over 4 months of age to be spayed or neutered per Municpal Code 6.20.030. Specific exemptions are listed at
  • The city of Santa Maria requires all dogs over 4 months of age to be spayed or neutered  per Santa Maria Municipal Code Title 5, Chapter 5-3, Article 3- Animal Licensing. Click here for Specific Exemptions.

How can I license my pet?
Mail: You can download and print out the  Animal License Application. You can then mail in the form along with a copy of your pet's current rabies vaccination certificate, a copy of your pet's spay or neuter certificate, and a check for the appropriate license fee based on the duration of the license you are requesting. Please remember that we can only license up to the expiration date of the rabies vaccine. Please make your check or money order payable to Santa Barbara County Animal Services.

In Person:You can come in to any one of our three Santa Barbara County Animal Services shelter locations: in Santa Maria at 548 W. Foster Rd., in Lompoc at 1501 West Central Ave., and in Goleta at 5473 Overpass Rd. We will be happy to see you and issue you and your pet a license or license renewal. When you come in please bring a copy of your pet's current rabies certificate and proof of spaying or neutering. We can accept Visa, Master Card, Cash, Check or Money Order.

Has your pet lost his license?
If your pet loses his or her license prior to the license expiration date you can purchase a replacement license for $10.00. Please see the section, "How can I license my pet?" for more information. If you are mailing in your payment you do not need to complete an  Animal License Form . Mail your request along with your payment and state that you are ordering a replacement tag. Please include your dog's name, address, and telephone number along with your payment of $10.00.

Dog with Tag 1  Dog with Tag 2 Dog with Tag 3 Dog with Tag 4

Show your pets you love them. Get them licensed!
Licensing saves lives! Each year thousands of animals end up in animal shelters without any form of identification. Without identification we are unable to reunite them with their families. 

Who needs a Santa Barbara County Pet License?
The law requires that all dogs over the age of four months must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. A dog license must then be purchased within 30 days of receiving the rabies vaccine. Santa Barbara County Animal Services issues dog licenses for all cities within Santa Barbara County and all unincorporated areas, with the exception of the Cities of Santa Barbara and Carpinteria. New residents and guardians in Santa Barbara County must purchase a dog license within 30 days. The term of the license can be one, two, or three years based on your address within the county and the expiration date of your dog's rabies vaccine. We cannot license past the expiration date of the rabies vaccine. 

How is licensing my pet beneficial?

  • Found pets wearing licensing can be reunited quickly with their families.
  • Your lost pet may be returned directly home without having to come through our animal shelter, saving you money on impoundment and board fees. 
  • It's the law. Santa Barbara County requires all dogs age 4 months and older be vaccinated against rabies and licensed annually. 
  • Your pet's license is proof of a current rabies vaccination. If your pet is ever involved in a bite or comes into contact with a wild animal, a current rabies vaccination and  license may allow him to be quarantined at home instead of at our shelter or a veterinary facility.
  • Rabies vaccination and licensing programs helps protect our community from a deadly virus. Keeping your pets rabies vaccination current protects your pet & your family's health! 
  • License fees assist in supporting vital services such as 24-hour emergency rescue and veterinary care for injured or ill stray and homeless animals and affordable spay/neuter programs. License revenue helps fund Santa Barbara County's Animal Services animal rehabilitation and placement programs, saving thousands of animals each year.


What are the acceptable forms of proof that my pet is spayed or neutered?

  • A sterilization certificate from the veterinarian that performed the surgery or examined your pet to verify that he or she is altered.
  • A previous license receipt that has your pet listed as spayed or neutered
  • A current Rabies Certificate indicating that the pet is altered.

How can I get a rabies vaccine for my pet?
Contact your pet's veterinarian.
There are a number of low cost vaccination and spay/neuter clinics in our area. 
Does my pet need vaccinations and a license even if they are kept in my yard or in my home?
Yes. Under California State Law, all dogs 4 months of age and older must be vaccinated against rabies and under Santa Barbara County Ordinance, these animals must also be licensed annually. Even indoor-only animals are at risk of accidental escape and exposure to a rabies vector animal, such as a bat, skunk or fox. Unvaccinated pets that come into contact with a wild animal must be quarantined for a 6 month period and could be euthanized if they show signs of illness. An inexpensive rabies vaccine and annual license protects your pet and ensures you are in compliance with the law. 

Did you adopt or inherit a licensed pet? 
Licenses are not transferable, you will need to purchases a license in your own name.

Cat LicensesCat_license
Although the State of California does not require that your cat be licensed, getting a license for your cat is a good idea. A lost cat with a license tag has a much better chance of being reunited with his or her guardian. To purchase a cat license simply fill out an  Animal License Form  and send in the form along with your cats proof of rabies vaccination and a payment of $17.00 for a three year altered cat license. Please include proof of spay or neuter

Making Donations in Conjunction with Online Licensing
Santa Barbara County Animal Services accepts donations to help care for the stray and abandoned animals at our 3 shelter locations.
You can make a donation online


We here at Santa Barbara County Animal Services look forward to serving you.
Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and licensing your pet!